Office of the Senior Pastor

Kehla Norris

Administrative Manager for the Senior Pastor

Neetta Houska

Administrative Assistant in the Senior Pastor's Office

Terri Baird

Lead Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Adult Ministries

Laura Brenner

Women's Spiritual Leadership Support Coordinator

Chelsea Haggard

Biblical Community Manager

Sydney Russell

Biblical Community Coordinator

David Wewer

Communication & Resource Coordinator for Adult Ministries

Charles Olminsky

Pastoral Resident

Children’s Ministry

Dayna Wolf

POWERKids Ministry Manager

Josiah Shank

POWERKids Ministry Manager

Joy Mullet

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Sam Hartz

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Kevin Thomson

POWERKids Administrative Assistant


Vinnie Lobello

Collective Ministries Administrative Assistant

Delaney Ferguson

Collective Ministries Coordinator

Josiah Bogue

Collective Ministries Resident


Aaron Radebaugh

Digital Platform Manager

Jasmine Harp

Video Manager

Creative Arts

Dave Lutsko

Creative Arts Tech Manager

Lauren Olminsky

Creative Arts Manager

Family Ministries

Deb Curtis

Family Ministries Coordinator

First Impressions

Bryan Hoffman

First Impressions Manager


Monika Kirbawy


Give It Away

John Bowen

Give It Away Ministries Resident

Marisa Snyder

Give It Away Ministries Administrative Assistant

Sarah Yajko

Urban and Global Initiatives Coordinator

Sunni Gressock

Volunteer Placement Manager

Marriage & Care

Joanna McMillen

Marriage & Care Administrative Assistant

Terri Doherty

Marriage & Care Ministries Coordinator


Alexa Lalos

Sports Ministry Coordinator

Ken Young

Sports Ministry Manager

Matthew Hennessey

Sports Ministry Coordinator

Rachel Burger

Sports Administrative Assistant

Ryan Miller

Sports Ministry Manager

Student Ministries

John Gressock

Student Ministries Associate Pastor

Steven Gamauf

Student Ministries Administrative Assistant

We hope you’ll find that Grace is somewhere that you can feel comfortable to explore faith, ask questions, grow spiritually, and connect with others. And most importantly, of course, we hope you connect with God!

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