Student Ministries is especially designed for 6th to 12th grade students. The goal of the Student Ministry is to introduce students to who Jesus is and teach them how to follow Him by learning what the Bible has to say about living a full life. Students are looking everywhere to find fulfillment and purpose—we know that only comes from Jesus! We want to help them get connected and begin to consider what they think about God. Along the way we hope to create environments where they can find friendship, community, and learn how God has gifted them as they begin to live out their faith with generosity and compassion.

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We have a number of great programs and events specifically designed for our middle school students (6th-8th grade).

OVERTIME is our weekly large group middle school service that consists of live music, games, time to hang out with friends, and to hear about Jesus and why His life matters to us today.

745. Ghent Rd, Akron, 44333


Middle School XP is what Student Ministries offers for students in 6th-8th grade during weekend service times. This experience is a deeper dive into the Bible for middle school students and is where students get to ask difficult questions, connect with our middle school team, and learn about who Jesus is in a smaller group setting. We offer this at our Ghent Rd. location (754 Ghent Rd)  during services at 6:45pm on Saturday as well as Sunday morning at the 9am and 11am services. We also offer a 9am service at our Montrose location.


Merge is our high school ministry that is aimed at reaching 9th-12th graders in the greater Akron area. We have weekly services that are fun and engaging but that also challenge students on a spiritual level.

Throughout the year we offer retreats, a summer conference, life groups, and mission trips. Our desire is to create atmospheres where students feel like they belong, they have purpose, and can explore who God has created them to be.



Student Ministries is excited to return to Momentum this year! This annual, national youth conference is for students in 9th-12th grade. We want to see every high school student at this conference because it is all about connecting students to God, helping them to understand where they belong in God’s kingdom and how they can know God’s purpose for their lives. Momentum Youth Conference creates an atmosphere conducive to learning, listening, serving, and following Jesus.

Students come to this experience expecting to encounter God, to be challenged in their faith, to learn and be reminded of  truth from God’s Word, to strengthen their relationships with their youth group and peers, and to have lots of fun!


A high school weekend retreat at Camp Carl from March 8th-10th. Students will experience awesome activities like horseback riding, paintball, sports tournaments, live worship, guest speakers, large group games, prizes, and late night time around the campfire. This is an amazing retreat to get a break from the busy high school schedule and find time to connect with friends and leaders in a fresh and unique environment. 



Momentum Marketplace is a captivating and enlightening mentorship program that connects ambitious students with
spiritually wise marketplace leaders in their local church. Through this condensed two-semester journey, you will explore God’s perspective on work, foster meaningful INTERGENERATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS, and gain clarity on
your calling.

Click the button below to sign up. The first meeting begins February 4th in the Ghent Rd. Community Room at 9am. 754 Ghent Rd.


Student Life Groups are for students in 6th – 12th grade and are divided by grade and by gender. Ex: 6th grade boys and 6th grade girls. Each group is led by caring adults who are committed to investing into and discipling the students in their group.

Middle School: Life groups for middle school students are held during the second half of Overtime on Wednesday evenings at the Ghent Rd. building. (754 Ghent Rd) The Overtime program is from 6:00-7:00pm and groups meet immediately afterwards from 7:00-8:00pm.

High School: High School life groups meet on Sunday nights from 8:00pm – 9:00pm at the Ghent Rd. building. (754 Ghent Rd)

Email bathstudentministries@graceohio.org for more info or for help connecting to a student life group.

Creative Arts and Grace Student Ministries Worship is a ministry designed for high school and middle school students. It is a ministry where students can learn to develop their skills as musicians, worship leaders, audio and visual technicians, and leaders from highly qualified adult leaders . The goal is for students to learn how to lead, how to be excellent musicians, and how to disciple well by the time they graduate. We hope that as they consider future careers they will feel passionate and equipped to further their training to become the next generation of leaders for Grace Church.

Coming up!

March 8 – 10 | Merge the Weekend – High School Only

June 9-14 |Middle School Camp at Camp Carl

June 23 – June 28 | Philly Go Trip

June 29 – July 6 | Mazatlán, Mexico Go Trip

June 28 – July 6 | Guatemala Go Trip – High School Only

July 15 – 21 | Momentum –  High School Only 




God calls us to live out our lives the way Jesus did. Once we know how Jesus lived, we can begin to imitate his life. We do this best as we share life together in community. Student Life Groups are a great way for you to really get to know other students at Grace. These small, relaxed groups are designed to be a place you can feel safe to discuss real life issues that we all probably have faced.


Serving is faith in action. It allows us to experience God together and increases our faith. How? It’s a front seat to not only watch, but be a part of God changing people’s lives. In fact, you were created for service. God has given you specific gifts and a valuable role to play in focusing on and caring for others. You’ll be drawn to very heart of God.



What is Baptism? In simple terms, being baptized is like putting on a wedding ring—it’s a response to a loved one and an outward symbol of internal commitment and truth. In the Bible, especially during Jesus’ life and right after that time, the pattern of baptism as a response to salvation is demonstrated. There is only one requirement—a personal decision to believe and accept the salvation of God through Jesus Christ (Acts 2:41, 8:12).


We hope you’ll find that Grace is somewhere that you can feel comfortable to explore faith, ask questions, grow spiritually, and connect with others. And most importantly, of course, we hope you connect with God!

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