“We live to make Jesus make sense, We do hard things, We have no spare parts.” 

These are three of our values at Grace. Each way in which we serve in the church, the city, and the world, is for the purpose of helping people understand who Jesus is.

City Serve

Grace Church partners with a variety of organizations throughout the Greater Akron Area. Find out more about each of these opportunities below to see how each one impacts the community, as well as ways to be involved.

Are you interested in serving locally? Click the button below and check out all the ways to get connected to our city partners.

Salt & Light

Salt and Light. Something all Christ followers are called to be, but it can be tough! Ever been in a conversation and not know how to respond to a spiritual question? Excited about Jesus but can’t seem to talk about him? Wish you could help people find faith in God but don’t know where to start? Want to connect with others who share these passions?

We get it! We have learning resources, groups, gatherings, and opportunities to grow in this shared desire to help others know how great Jesus is. Jump into these resources that will help you grow, connect, and thrive in spiritual conversations and relationships!



God has created so many different people groups, so many ethnicities that make up the tapestry of the world’s population. To this reality, God has called us to be his ambassadors and to make disciples of all nations and people groups. God’s heart and direction also leads us to the poor. With so much hurt, pain, loss and poverty all around the world, we can respond to these opportunities desperately crying for God’s compassion and love. Let’s follow God’s initiative for the nations and bring them the hope of the story of Jesus.

Interested in Giving It Away by serving globally? Click on the link below to learn how you can get involved.

Church Serve

We believe that everybody has something valuable to offer at Grace Church and we are passionate about helping people figure out where and how they best fit.

Interested in learning more about serving in the church? Check out the different ways you can connect by clickng the link below. 

Groups & Classes

Getting out of our comfort zone can be tough, but we are passionate about equipping people to do so with confidence.

Jump into these resources that will help you grow, connect, and thrive within your relationships as you begin to serve and have spiritual conversations with those around you.

We hope you’ll find that Grace is somewhere that you can feel comfortable to explore faith, ask questions, grow spiritually, and connect with others. And most importantly, of course, we hope you connect with God!