1-Dec Acts 18:1-17 Paul Meets Priscilla and Aquila in Corinth
2-Dec Acts 18:18-28 Paul Returns to Antioch of Syria
3-Dec Acts 19:1-10 Paul’s Third Missionary Journey
4-Dec Acts 19:11-22 Paul Ministers in Ephesus
5-Dec Acts 19:23-31 The Riot in Ephesus
6-Dec Acts 19:32-41 The Riot in Ephesus
7-Dec Acts 20:1-12 Paul Goes to Macedonia and Greece
8-Dec Acts 20:13-24 Paul Meets the Ephesian Elders
9-Dec Acts 20:25-38 Paul Meets the Ephesian Elders
10-Dec Acts 21:1-14 Paul’s Journey to Jerusalem
11-Dec Acts 21:15-25 Paul Arrives at Jerusalem
12-Dec Acts 21:26-36 Paul Is Arrested
13-Dec Acts 21:37-40 Paul Speaks to the Crowd
14-Dec Acts 22:1-13 Paul Speaks to the Crowd
15-Dec Acts 22:14-23 Paul Speaks to the Crowd
16-Dec Acts 22:24-30 Paul Reveals His Roman Citizenship
17-Dec Acts 23:1-11 Paul before the High Council
18-Dec Acts 23:12-22 The Plan to Kill Paul
19-Dec Acts 23:23-35 Paul Is Sent to Caesarea
20-Dec Acts 24:1-13 Paul Appears before Felix
21-Dec Acts 24:14-27 Paul Appears before Felix
22-Dec Acts 25:1-12 Paul Appears before Festus
23-Dec Acts 25:13-27 Paul Appears before Festus
24-Dec Acts 26:1-11 Paul Speaks to Agrippa
25-Dec Acts 26:12-24 Paul Speaks to Agrippa
26-Dec Acts 26:25-32 Paul Speaks to Agrippa
27-Dec Acts 27:1-12 Paul Sails for Rome
28-Dec Acts 27:13-26 The Storm at Sea
29-Dec Acts 27:27-44 The Shipwreck
30-Dec Acts 28:1-10 Paul on the Island of Malta
31-Dec Acts 28:11-22 Paul Arrives at Rome

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