Daily Bible Readings 2022
June Readings Descriptions
1-Jun Luke 6:27-36 Be Compassionate the Way God is Compassionate
2-Jun Luke 6:37-42 The Generosity You Show Will Determine the Generosity You Receive
3-Jun Luke 6:43-49 What Will You Allow to be the Foundation of Your Life?
4-Jun Luke 7:1-17 Jesus Honored the Faith of the Ones Who Trusted Him
5-Jun Luke 7:18-35 Ministry Should Always be about Pointing Others towards the Message of Jesus
6-Jun Luke 7:36-50 Those Who Have been Forgiven Respond with an Outpouring of Love
7-Jun Luke 8:1-15 Let the Seeds of God’s Word Take Root in Your Life
8-Jun Luke 8:16-25 Faith in the Storm
9-Jun Luke 8:26-39 Remember Everything that God Has Done for You
10-Jun Luke 8:40-48 God Calls the One Only Known to Others as an Outcast “Daughter”
11-Jun Luke 8:49-56 Don’t be Afraid. Just Have Faith.
12-Jun Luke 9:1-9 It’s Okay to Shake the Dust Off and Move On when God is Calling You Somewhere Else
13-Jun Luke 9:10-17 Hope Starts with Food
14-Jun Luke 9:18-36 Do You Recognize Who Jesus Is and His Place in Your Life?
15-Jun Luke 9:37-48 Jesus’ Heart for Children
16-Jun Luke 9:49-62 What Excuses Are Keeping You from Following after Christ?
17-Jun Luke 10:1-20 Listen for God’s Guidance in What He is Calling You to Do
18-Jun Luke 10:21-29 Love Your Neighbor
19-Jun Luke 10:30-37 Love Your Neighbor with Generosity and Sacrifice
20-Jun Luke 10:38-42 Jesus’ Priorities are Different than Ours
21-Jun Luke 11:1-13 Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray
22-Jun Luke 11:14-28 Don’t Just Hear the Word, Put it into Practice in Your Life!
23-Jun Luke 11:29-36 Let Jesus Replace the Darkness in Your Life with His Light
24-Jun Luke 11:37-54 It’s the Heart that Matters to God, not Looking Good on the Outside
25-Jun Luke 12:1-12 Don’t be Afraid of the Calling God Has Given to You
26-Jun Luke 12:13-21 What Matters is a Rich Relationship with God, not the Riches of the World
27-Jun Luke 12:22-34 Don’t Worry about Material Things, but Trust God’s Provision
28-Jun Luke 12:35-59 Live Ready for Christ to Come Again
29-Jun Luke 13:1-9 God Doesn’t Classify Sinners – Everyone Who Sins Must Get Right with God
30-Jun Luke 13:10-21 God Can Grow Even a Small Amount of Faith when You Begin to Seek Him

We hope you’ll find that Grace is somewhere that you can feel comfortable to explore faith, ask questions, grow spiritually, and connect with others. And most importantly, of course, we hope you connect with God!

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