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Every weekend we come together and hear an encouraging message from one of our pastors from a variety of topics. We jump into the Bible and take away practical steps to follow God on a daily basis. Find and listen to our archive of messages here.


Mixed Messages with Jeff Bogue

From news sources to comedians, from friends to advertisements, it seems everyone has an idea of how we should think, live and make decisions. When even the experts sound convincing, but they disagree, how can we cut through the noise? When information overload leaves us frustrated, how do we sift through it all and choose what governs our lives?

Our culture is full of these mixed messages. Some are harmless, some are harmful, and most are confusing. We want to be a part of that conversation. Not to add to the noise but to be a resource in how Christ-followers can work through the noise to find God’s heart and mind in all of these different issues. We also want to give you an opportunity to ask questions and join in that conversation with us.

Join us as we have discussions on some of life’s most defining topics as we search for a reliable compass to guide our lives.


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Grace Unscripted

The purpose of Grace Church is to ignite a gospel-centered movement. We want to be people who Know It, Live It, and Give It Away. “IT” is the story of Jesus. These are the stories of people attached to that movement.

Join the real conversations we are having with people in everyday life.


Assume I Know Nothing

The Bible is the most widely read, distributed, critiqued and discussed book in the history of humanity. It has defined cultures, changed history, and affected the lives of millions of ordinary people.  It has been a source of hope and controversy. It has been used to proclaim civil rights and the dignity of the oppressed and it has been abused and distorted by tyrants and villains. It has been the source or great art and enduring cultures, brought comfort to untold individuals, and guided the teaching of some of the greatest religions in the world.

Many people have opinions or impressions about its contents, while having little grasp on the story contained within its pages.

Assume I Know Nothing tells the grand story of the Bible and the message proclaimed from its pages. You’ll get an overview of who God is and how He interacts with humanity. You are invited to dive in with an open mind and experience the story of God in a new way.


We hope you’ll find that Grace is somewhere that you can feel comfortable to explore faith, ask questions, grow spiritually, and connect with others. And most importantly, of course, we hope you connect with God!

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