Snapshots From The Summer

We had an incredible summer of camps, conferences, events and groups. Here are some of the highlights!

Amelia Ramsier – Basketball Camp & Ninja Warrior Camp

“I really liked the camps because it inspired me to get baptized, and it taught me about god, and I had fun learning about god.”

Levi Hallsten – Middle School Camp

“The messages were awesome, and it was fun staying up late and playing games with my friends!”

Lucas Morales – Bible Camp

“One of my favorite things was arts and crafts, last week I told my mom that I wanted to sign up for baptism class because my brother and sister wanted to, and I wanted to be on God’s team.”

Westin Miller – Middle School Camp & Splash Bash

“Middle School Camp was the best thing since LeBron James, because it’s fun to be around people you love, doing things you love, worshipping the God you love.”


“I heard about splash bash and really wanted other people to know I was a Christian. I invited my close friends and family. It was really great to have my life group leader, Justin baptize me. He has been a good friend and I like him a lot.”

Caroline & Dixie Yajko  

Bible Camp

“At Bible Camp I sang songs with everyone else and heard that Jesus Died on the cross and three days later he rose up, and he came back to life and his friends were so happy that he came back to life. And when I got home from bible camp, I accepted Jesus into my heart. My favorite part about bible camp was playing the games outside, and we made new friends.”


“And I decided to sing Jesus songs, and to play games and snack, I listened that Jesus died on the Christ and he had a crown and poked on his body, and Jesus rose up from the dead and when I got home I accepted Jesus in my heart. I loved going outside to play and I loved the crafts.”

Noah & Angel Hartz

Splash Bash

“We heard about Grace Church when our neighbor, Audrey invited us to her son’s dedication. My son and I started following Jesus in December 2014. We never had a relationship with Jesus so we have both grown 100 percent. We heard about splash bash through church services. We both were thrilled to have so many friends and family there to celebrate our baptisms with. I felt it was an incredible way to connect with my son.”