Why Should I Join A LifeGroup?

Earlier this fall we visited one of our Life Groups to ask them about why being part of biblical community is so important. Here are some of the things they said:



  1. Having people to grow with you
  2. Being stretched to do and take on new things.
  3. Bringing accountability and a spiritual family.
  4. Helping understand the Bible better.
  5. New memories every week.
  6. Support through life events.
  7. Getting to serve together.
  8. Getting to serve each other. 
  9. Being apr of a smaller community, which is essential in such a large church.
  10. Getting to talk to people about what is going on in their lives and allowing them to speak into your life.


“I love that Life Groups give me a support system, especially since I come from a family of non-believers.”

“Life Groups give me the opportunity to be able to live and share life with other believers and learn more about Christ together.”

“One of the best things about Life Group is the community and the lack of judgement. There’s an understanding that we all have stuff and we’re all going through life together.”

“Being in a Life Group has made me realize that I can’t just bottle everything up and deal with it on my own. I need a biblical community and I need that accountability and support. Life Group has helped me be more open and communicate my needs to others better.”

“My first time to Life Group, I went with my now husband. I had told him I would try it, but I wasn’t going to talk. I become an introvert when I don’t know a room full of people. We weren’t even halfway through the night when I found myself chiming in on the discussion. It felt like I had known this group for a while.”