Shoulder to Shoulder Update

May 6, 2020

Grace partners with Shoulder to Shoulder Ministries in Mazatlan, Mexico. Shoulder to Shoulder focuses on the discipleship of local pastors within their church to bring the light and hope of Jesus.

Just last week we heard from John Reaser with Shoulder to Shoulder Ministries about how they are responding to Covid-19 in Mazatlan, Mexico. While some of their normal ministry routines have been disrupted, they are creating new avenues of partnership with their local communities and the local pastors.

Ways to Pray and Give

Pray for the health of the Shoulder to Shoulder team as they continue to serve and work in Mazatlan.

Pray for the pastors who are continuing to connect with their church families without the benefit of church services, live stream, and without an income.

Pray for the families who struggle to feed their families and now are possibly without work during this time.

If you would like to give toward the efforts in Mazatlan, Mexico through Shoulder to Shoulder you can do so below.