Disaster Relief work is hard, physically and emotionally. You are asking people to drop everything and be available with a week or two notice. You are asking them to enter into other people’s lives who have lost everything and are grieving. The families they are serving are heartbroken, looking for hope.

But in the midst of this, you see God at work. In homeowners working alongside strangers, who become friends. You see complete strangers show up to be on a team, sharing life for the week, leaving with the understanding that the body of Christ is bigger than they knew before. The local church finds new ways to serve and love their community. In the span of a week, teams are bringing hope to families and leaving them with a better understanding of God’s love.

Here are a few pictures of our teams that were down in North Carolina these past two months. If you want to be on the list for future teams please email Sarah Yajko at syajko@graceohio.org