Mentoring Opportunities with Our City Partners

Most of us can think of people who have had a profound impact on our lives, but so many people in our communities are living and growing up without anybody to make that kind of impact. They don’t have positive people in their lives to mentor them and help pour into them by loving them and modeling what a relationship with Jesus looks like.

We have an opportunity to step into some of these gaps. All it takes is being willing to show up and love people, to give relational consistency over time. That’s what a mentor does.

Urban Vision Tutoring is for students in North Hill. Every day after school, students receive a healthy meal and structured gym time, followed by a personalized schedule of homework help, one-on-one tutoring in problem areas, specialized classes to meet their interests (like Readers’ Theater, Chess, Chapter Book Club, and Open Library), sports and arts electives. 

South Akron Youth Mentorship facilitates group mentoring for mentees, elementary age through high school. Their mentors point mentees to Jesus through sharing weekly meals together, working through challenges mentees face, and by teaching a Bible lesson that applies to every student’s life.

Rahab mentors commit to spending time each week with a RAHAB mentee.  In addition to our mentorship program for women, we partner with Restore Court, the first juvenile human trafficking docket certified by the Ohio Supreme Court.  RAHAB volunteers mentor girls and boys identified by the court as trafficked or at high risk. 

First Glance in Kenmore offers mentoring, support, encouragement and fun to students, teens and young adults through Man Up, Ladies Night Out, The Connect, and Launch Kenmore. These groups are a way to connect each student to a loving adult who desire to point them to Jesus.

The Garage in Wadsworth meets with middle and high school students weekly to take part in games, bible study, and a skate park.  Every activity has the same goal, and that is to build relationships between volunteers and teens where friendship and trust are strong enough to share life and faith. 

South Street  in Summit Lake offers tutoring for elementary students and mentoring for teen girls. These activities are an avenue to build relationships and share the love of Jesus.