Covid-19 Update from Haiti


Grace partners with Eglise de la Grace in Bercy, Haiti. We caught up with Pastor Chelo recently to hear how the church and community are doing during the Covid-19 pandemic in Haiti. Their regular programming has also been interrupted but Chelo and his wife, Saicide, are continuing to reach out to community members with food and school resources as much as they are able, continuing to provide support during these hard times!

We asked Chelo several questions which he answers in the video below. The questions are listed here as you listen to the video.

  1. What’s different in Haiti with Covid?
  2. How is this all impacting your church/school?
  3. How are you prepping for next year because of the forced break?
  4. What’s generally being done in Haiti, – how should we be praying?
  5. What’s your favorite “treat” to have in Haiti?
  6. What else would you like to share with everyone?

Ways to Pray and Give

Pray for the health of Chelo and his family as they continue to serve and work in Haiti.

Pray for the families who have to choose between going to work and possibly contracting Coronavirus or staying home and not being able to feed their families.

Pray for the government to make wise, fair decisions during this time.

If you would like to give toward the efforts in Bercy, Haiti you can do so below.