March Readings Descriptions Connection Content
1-Mar Matthew 19:16-30 Am I Willing to Give Up Everything to Follow Jesus?
2-Mar Matthew 20:1-16 God’s Grace Topples Our View of Fairness
3-Mar Matthew 20:17-28 Jesus Came to Serve and to Give His Life to Save Humanity
4-Mar Matthew 20:29-34 Jesus Responds with Compassion when We Cry Out to Him for Mercy
5-Mar Matthew 21:1-11 Hosanna: Praise to Jesus who Comes in the Name of the Lord
6-Mar Matthew 21:12-17 Jesus Wants His Place of Worship to be Defined by Prayer
7-Mar Matthew 21:18-27 If You Want to See Impossible Things Happen, You Must Have Faith
8-Mar Matthew 21:28-46 Jesus Is Rejected for His Message of Repentance
9-Mar Matthew 22:1-14 Be Ready to Respond to Christ’s Invitation
10-Mar Matthew 22:15-22 Jesus did not Fall into the Traps of the Pharisees
11-Mar Matthew 22:23-46 God Calls Us to Love Him and Love our Neighbor
12-Mar Matthew 23:1-12 Following Jesus Means Learning to Walk in Humility
13-Mar Matthew 23:13-39 Jesus Speaks Against Creating Barriers that Keep People from Knowing God
14-Mar Matthew 24:1-35 Hold onto Jesus’ Words because They Will Last Forever
15-Mar Matthew 24:36-51 No One Knows when Christ Will Come Again
16-Mar Matthew 25:1-13 Be Ready for Christ’s Return
17-Mar Matthew 25:14-30 Be Faithful with the Gifts God Has Entrusted to You
18-Mar Matthew 25:31-46 We Love Jesus by Loving Those Around Us
19-Mar Matthew 26:1-13 A True Sacrifice from the Heart is Beautiful to Jesus
20-Mar Matthew 26:14-30 We Celebrate Communion to Remember the Body and Blood of Jesus
21-Mar Matthew 26:31-46 Jesus Set Aside Everything to Accomplish God’s Will
22-Mar Matthew 26:47-56 Jesus Endured Betrayal and Desertion from His Friends to Accomplish God’s Will
23-Mar Matthew 26:57-75 Peter, Jesus’ Friend, Denies being Associated with Jesus and Feels Remorse
24-Mar Matthew 27:1-26 Pilate Hands Jesus Over to be Killed, Even though He Knew Jesus was Innocent
25-Mar Matthew 27:27-44 Jesus Endured Mockery and Insults for the Sake of Accomplishing God’s Will
26-Mar Matthew 27:45-66 When Jesus Died, Many People Realized He was Truly the Son of God
27-Mar Matthew 28:1-20 Jesus’ Call for His Follows Is to Share the Good News and Make Disciples
28-Mar Mark 1:1-13 John’s Message to the People was to Repent and Believe the Good News of Jesus
29-Mar Mark 1:14-20 Jesus’ Call is to Come Follow Him
30-Mar Mark 1:21-39 Jesus Knew When to Step Away and Spend Time with His Father
31-Mar Mark 1:40-45 The News of Jesus Spread by the Amazing Things He Did for the People

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