1-Jul Psalm 1 Planted Firmly like a Tree
2-Jul Psalm 4 The Lord Will Answer When We Call
3-Jul Psalm 8 How Majestic is the Name of Jesus
4-Jul Psalm 9:1-10 The Lord is a Shelter for the Oppressed
5-Jul Psalm 13 Trust in God’s Unfailing Love
6-Jul Psalm 18:30-46 God’s Way is Perfect
7-Jul Psalm 19 Creation Declares God’s Glory
8-Jul Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd
9-Jul Psalm 25 God Leads Us When We Go Astray
10-Jul Psalm 27 God Invites Us to Come and Talk with Him
11-Jul Psalm 30 God Turns Mourning into Dancing
12-Jul Psalm 31:1-8 God Sees My Troubles and Cares about the Anguish in my Heart
13-Jul Psalm 32 God Forgives when We Confess to Him
14-Jul Psalm 34:8-19 God is Close to the Brokenhearted
15-Jul Psalm 42 I Can Pray to the God who Gives Me Life
16-Jul Psalm 46 God is Our Refuge and Our Strength
17-Jul Psalm 51:1-17 Create in Me a Clean Heart, O God
18-Jul Psalm 56 God Has Collected All My Tears
19-Jul Psalm 66 Share the Story of what God has Done for You
20-Jul Psalm 73:22-28 When my Health and Spirit are Weak, God is my Strength
21-Jul Psalm 91 Find Rest in the Shadow of the Almighty
22-Jul Psalm 94:12-19 God is with us in our Doubts and Fears
23-Jul Psalm 100 Come to God with Thanksgiving
24-Jul Psalm 103:1-17 God Has Removed our Sins as Far as the East from West
25-Jul Psalm 116:1-7 The Lord Hears Every One of My Prayers
26-Jul Psalm 119:1-11 God’s Word Keeps us from Sin
27-Jul Psalm 126 Those Who Plant with Tears will Harvest with Joy
28-Jul Psalm 138 God Will Follow Through with His Plans for Our Lives
29-Jul Psalm 139 God Knows Everything there is to Know about Me
30-Jul Psalm 145 The Lord is Close to All Who Call on Him Sincerely
31-Jul Psalm 150 Let Every Living Thing Praise the Lord!