1-Apr John 1:1-12 Jesus Came So That We Could Become Children of God
2-Apr John 2:1-11 Jesus Turns Water into Wine
3-Apr John 2:13-23 The Signs Jesus Performed Confim that He Is Who He Says He Is
4-Apr John 3:13-21 God Sent Jesus into the World to Save It
5-Apr John 4:1-14 Jesus Offers Living Water
6-Apr John 6:16-29 Jesus Asks Us to Believe in Him
7-Apr John 8:1-11 Jesus Does Not Condemn Us
8-Apr John 9:1-11 Jesus Uses Our Circumstances to Show His Glory
9-Apr John 10:1-10 Jesus Came So That We Could Have Abundant Life
10-Apr John 10:11-18 We Can Know God’s Voice in Our Lives
11-Apr John 12:1-8 Jesus Deserves Every Gift We Bring
12-Apr John 13:1-10 Jesus Is the One Who Makes Us Clean
13-Apr John 13:12-17 We Are to Follow Jesus’ Example of Humility
14-Apr John 14:1-6 Jesus Is the Only Way to Eternal Life
15-Apr John 14:15-21 We Obey Jesus as a Way to Show Him Love
16-Apr John 14:23-29 Jesus Promises Us the Holy Spirit
17-Apr John 15:1-8 When We Remain in Jesus, Our Lives Bear His Fruit
18-Apr John 15:9-17 Jesus Calls Us His Friends
19-Apr John 16:7-14 The Holy Spirit Guides Us in Truth
20-Apr John 16:22-33 In Christ We Have Peace and Joy Even In When Trouble Comes
21-Apr John 17:20-26 Jesus Prays for All Believers
22-Apr John 18:1-11 Jesus Is Betrayed by His Friend
23-Apr John 18:15-27 Peter Denies Jesus Three Times
24-Apr John 18:28-40 Jesus Is Found Innocent, Yet Still Punished
25-Apr John 19:1-15 Jesus Sentenced to be Crucified
26-Apr John 19:16-30 The Death of Jesus
27-Apr John 20:1-18 Jesus Is Raised from the Dead
28-Apr John 20:21-31 By Believing, We Have Life in Jesus’ Name
29-Apr John 21:1-14 Jesus Appears Again to His Disciples
30-Apr John 21:15-25 Jesus Asks, “Do You Love Me?”

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