At Grace, we observe communion through three elements: Foot Washing, the Bread & the Cup, and the Love Feast. We believe that each of these elements captures a dimension of the gospel that is important to be remembered and celebrated.

Our communion service consists of two of the three elements (Foot Washing and the Bread & the Cup). We would encourage everyone to get together, either before or after communion service, with their family or a group of friends to celebrate the Love Feast.

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MONDAY NOVEMBER 30 at 7:00 pm



Take some time to complete this checklist and prepare for communion services. 

1. Foot Washing

Fill a bin, basin, or bowl with warm water. You can also use alternatives like wet wipes or wet towels. Make sure to have towels or paper towels to dry feet.

2. The Bread and the Cup

You will need some form of bread & drink. Most often, crackers & grape juice are used.

3. Love Feast

Don’t forget to prepare a meal or snack to enjoy together. The love feast can be as extravagant or as minimal as desired. Smaller groups usually prefer to do full meals, while larger groups sometimes do just cheese and crackers. Either is acceptable. (Consider individuals with food allergies)

All who share faith in Christ are welcome to participate, and we also welcome anyone who would like to observe. To learn more about communion, check out our Beliefs by visiting our Beliefs page.