Daily Bible Readings 2022
may Readings Descriptions
1-May Mark 11:27-31 Being the Song of God Gave Jesus the Authority to Challenge the Religious Leaders
2-May Mark 12:1-12 Jesus is the Cornerstone on which the Church is Built – He has All Authority
3-May Mark 12:13-27 The Priorities of the Kingdom are not the Priorities We Have on Earth
4-May Mark 12:28-37 Love God, Love Your Neighbor
5-May Mark 12:38-44 The Heart is What Defines Generosity, Not Amounts
6-May Mark 13:1-13 Stand Firm in Your Faith Until the End
7-May Mark 13:14-37 Live Ready for Christ to Come Again
8-May Mark 14:1-11 Jesus Is Worthy to be Loved with Everything We Have to Offer
9-May Mark 14:12-26 Jesus Asks Us to Remember His Body and Blood Given for Us
10-May Mark 14:27-42 Jesus Set Aside His Own Will to Accomplish the Will of His Father
11-May Mark 14:43-72 Jesus Endured Lies and Betrayal to Show His Love for Us
12-May Mark 15:1-20 Jesus Did Not Fight Back, but Endured Insult in Order to Accomplish God’s Will
13-May Mark 15:21-47 Jesus Gave His Life to Save Us from Sin and Death
14-May Mark 16:1-20 We Are Called to Preach the Gospel to All People
15-May Luke 1:1-25 God Used His Prophets to Set the Stage for Jesus to Come
16-May Luke 1:26-45 We Can Always Count on God’s Promises to be Fullfilled
17-May Luke 1:46-80 We Can Find Joy in God Allowing Us to be Used to Fullfill His Plans
18-May Luke 2:1-21 The Birth of Jesus Fullfilled Many Prophesies about the Coming Messiah
19-May Luke 2:22-51 Even as a Child, Jesus Knew He was on Earth to Fullfill God’s Plan for Salvation
20-May Luke 3:1-20 Baptism is a Symbol of Our Redemption and New Life with the Holy Spirit
21-May Luke 3:21-38 Many Generations Waited for the Coming Messiah
22-May Luke 4:1-13 Jesus Modeled How to Look to God’s Word when We Are Tempted
23-May Luke 4:14-30 Jesus Came to Proclaim Good News to the Poor in Spirit
24-May Luke 4:31-44 Jesus Came with the Authority to Set People Free from their Afflictions
25-May Luke 5:1-11 Jesus is Worth Setting Aside Everything in order to Follow Him
26-May Luke 5:12-16 Jesus Knew when to Step Away to Spend Time with His Father in Prayer
27-May Luke 5:17-26 We Praise Jesus for the Amazing Things He Does in Our Lives
28-May Luke 5:27-39 Jesus Came for the People who Can See their Need for God
29-May Luke 6:1-16 God Created Sabbath for Rest, not Rules
30-May Luke 6:17-26 Jesus Invites Us to Encounter Him in our Suffering
31-May Luke 6:27-36 We Are Called to Show Others the Mercy God Has Shown Us

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