Daily Bible Readings 2022
July Readings Descriptions
1-Jul Luke 13:22-35 The Only Way to Heaven is the Path That not Everyone is Willing to Take
2-Jul Luke 14:1-14 Jesus Calls Us to Invite the Outcasts to Come Experience His Love
3-Jul Luke 14:15-24 The Excuses We Make Now about Following Christ Affect Eternity
4-Jul Luke 14:25-35 Truly Following Christ Means Giving Up What’s Comfortable
5-Jul Luke 15:1-10 There is Joy in Heaven when Even One Person Begins to Follow Jesus
6-Jul Luke 15:11-31 Jesus is Waiting for You to Come Back to His Heart
7-Jul Luke 16:1-18 Will You Serve God or Money?
8-Jul Luke 16:19-31 Don’t Put off Following After God
9-Jul Luke 17:1-10 You Can Ask God to Help Increase Your Faith
10-Jul Luke 17:11-19 Do We Remember to Give God the Credit for What He Has Done for Us?
11-Jul Luke 17:20-37 Illustrations about the Last Days on Earth
12-Jul Luke 18:1-8 Never Give Up on Praying about What’s on Your Heart
13-Jul Luke 18:9-17 God Values True Humility
14-Jul Luke 18:18-30 What’s Holding You Back from Responding to Jesus?
15-Jul Luke 18:31-43 How Will You Respond when God Answer Your Prayer?
16-Jul Luke 19:1-10 Jesus Came to Seek and Save the Lost
17-Jul Luke 19:11-27 How Will You Invest the Gifts God Has Given You?
18-Jul Luke 19:28-40 We Praise Jesus for the Miracles and Answered Prayers We See
19-Jul Luke 19:41-48 Remember that God’s House is a Place to Worship and Pray
20-Jul Luke 20:1-19 Jesus Was Not Afraid or Threatened by the People who Were Against Him
21-Jul Luke 20:20-40 Don’t Let the Little Details that Don’t Matter Keep You from Jesus
22-Jul Luke 20:41-47 Jesus Wasn’t Afraid to Call Out Religious Hypocrisy
23-Jul Luke 21:1-4 What Is True Generosity?
24-Jul Luke 21:5-19 By Standing Firm in the Faith, You will Protect Your Heart
25-Jul Luke 21:20-38 Heaven and Earth will Pass Away, but God’s Word Lasts Forever
26-Jul Luke 22:1-13 Follow the Directions for Life that Jesus Gives You
27-Jul Luke 22:14-20 Remember the Sacrifice Jesus Made of His Body and Blood
28-Jul Luke 22:21-30 Jesus Set the Ultimate Example of Living to Serve Others
29-Jul Luke 22:31-38 Do We Actually Mean the Things We Say to God?
30-Jul Luke 22:39-53 When Others Would Fight, Jesus Responds with Peace
31-Jul Luke 22:54-62

We hope you’ll find that Grace is somewhere that you can feel comfortable to explore faith, ask questions, grow spiritually, and connect with others. And most importantly, of course, we hope you connect with God!

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