Perspectives From Go Teams


Daniel Kilker   

“Jesus showed me the importance of community. When I went to Haiti, I met so many new people and grew close and grew in our faith together, it showed me the importance to be surrounded by the people of the lord by the children of god. He showed me how to be content because when you’re in Haiti it’s hot your sweaty and it’s hard and when you start feeling sick and upset or your just having a hard time the only way you feel contentment in every situation is through god and that’s what he showed me that week and I grew tremendously in my faith.”




Katie Ferguson 

“I believe that I returned from Haiti as a different person than I was before. Before the trip, I had seen photos and movies that showed what poverty looks like, but I don’t think you ever truly understand it until you see it with your own eyes. Spending a week living an impoverished lifestyle changed how I go about everyday situations. For example, I have found myself conserving water much more and watching how I spend my money and my time. I no longer feel the need to spend hours watching television or on my phone. I have also felt spiritually moved by the community in Bercy. Watching the way that they continually praise Jesus even though they have so little is just amazing. There were moments when we attended church and worship with their community when I could do nothing but stand in awe of their true and genuine love for the Lord. I am sitting here thinking of a way to describe this feeling but I was simply speechless. This caused me to look at the ways in which I worship Jesus and alter them so that I am worshipping Him in all that I do and not just on Sundays.”



Sam Hartz 

“It [The trip to Haiti] really showed me that no matter what, God is really all that I need to live. I think it is crazy that in America, we can get caught up in material things. We think that we can do stuff on our own, and that is clearly not the case. When we came back, I don’t feel like I changed a lot, I think it’s more my mindset that has changed. It really helped me to slow down. I think we get really busy and want to go at this really quick pace, and it showed me to slow down, be still, listen to God. It honestly really set my priorities in place.”