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What do you enjoy spending your time doing?
  • Greg S – I love going to Indians games, woodworking and riding my motorcycle.
  • Kristen S – I love spending time with family & friends.
  • Jim B – I love to read. I also love watching most types of racing: NHRA, NASCAR, MotoGP, Formula 1, etc.
  • Laura B – I love bargain-hunting and going for hikes.
What are people surprised to learn about you?
  • Greg S – That I like to say or do things just to get a reaction out of people.
  • Kristen S – That I like roller coasters.
  • Jim B – That I play bass guitar in the church band but am uncomfortable in front of large crowds.
  • Laura B – That I like to read the newspaper.
When was a time that serving others made an impact on your life?
  • We have spent time as a group serving meals to the homeless. I think it has made us appreciate the things that we often take for granted. Many of us have had opportunities to serve alongside Christian friends in other countries for the cause of Christ. It has given us a bigger perspective for our world. And most of our group is involved in volunteering individually. That’s our goal: to use our gifts to help Jesus to make sense to those around us.

What is a Life Group?

The purpose of Life Groups is to make disciples who Know It, Live It, and Give It Away by sharing life together. No matter your age or season of life, these groups offer the best way for you to get connected at Grace Church and build meaningful relationships. Feel free to try a few groups, be a guest a few times, and then join the one that best fits you and your family.