Start Date: 3/27/2021
Meets On: Saturday at 4:30pm
Location: Ghent Community Room

What to Expect:
You are unique. You have purpose and a call in your life. But these things don’t always seem so clear. What is our purpose? How can we make a lasting impact? How can you be a part of meeting needs in your community? How can your uniqueness be utilized to reach people in your life? How can your specific skills be used to change your city?

Join us as we dive into the scripture and self-discovery to find how God can use us to impact others. Whether trying to influence your peers, connect your friends with Jesus, or serve those in need, “Salt & Light” is the perfect group to workshop a place for you to be intentional with the hope and message of Jesus outside the walls of the church

Join us as we learn how our story fits into God’s purposes for our community!