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  • Thursday
  • 6:30 PM
  • Stow
  • No

About the Leaders:

  • What do you enjoy spending your time doing?
  • Jonathan – Likes to build things, hunt, and fish.

    Shanna – Likes to bake and read.
  • What are people surprised to learn about you?
  • Jonathan – I love to cook.

    Shanna – I was born in Quebec, and I speak French.
  • When was a time that serving others made an impact on your life?
  • Jonathan – Walking through life with my life group has changed my relationship with God. When others need help finding answers, it drives me closer to God, who is the only one with the answers.

    Shanna – A few days after having someone over for dinner, she shared with me that she felt like she was part of our family and told me that she always felt welcomed in our home. Getting to love others and welcome them to our home reminds me of how Christ always has a seat for us at His table.

What is a Life Group?

The purpose of Life Groups is to make disciples who Know It, Live It, and Give It Away by sharing life together. No matter your age or season of life, these groups offer the best way for you to get connected at Grace Church and build meaningful relationships. Feel free to try a few groups, be a guest a few times, and then join the one that best fits you and your family.