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What do you enjoy spending your time doing?
  • Jason – I enjoy building things, hunting, and spending time with family.
  • Katie – I enjoying baking and music. I would love to learn how to crochet! I feel like it am crafty, but I am a perfectionist at the same time!
  • As a family we enjoy bike riding, water parks, being outside, traveling, and spending time with our extended family
What are people surprised to learn about you?
  • Jason – I make my own bacon and coffee.
  • Katie – I like to sing and dance, but I didn’t say I was very good at either!
When was a time that serving others made an impact on your life?
  • Jason – I spend time each month serving at Stony Glen Camp. Getting to serve with other guys and watch their actions is amazing. Seeing the people that use the camp is very rewarding. Getting to go to a father daughter camp with my own girls is rewarding, seeing all the work we’ve done and getting to see my girls/others benefit from it.
  • Katie – Serving Power Kids ministry in many different areas has shown me the that the kids we see weekly are little sponges of the things we teach. They love to hear about Jesus and put their little stories in the group. It has shown me to be patient and loving. I am not going to say everything perfect, but God wants me to be real with them.

What is a Life Group?

The purpose of Life Groups is to make disciples who Know It, Live It, and Give It Away by sharing life together. No matter your age or season of life, these groups offer the best way for you to get connected at Grace Church and build meaningful relationships. Feel free to try a few groups, be a guest a few times, and then join the one that best fits you and your family.