We do hard things. We serve at any cost to bring hope where it’s hard to find. It is for this reason that we have prayerfully chosen to partner with leaders, organizations and ministry efforts in areas like Chad, Haiti, Mexico, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. We will fight for and serve for the great need to advance the gospel and engage the depths of poverty.

Haiti and Chad are a couple of the poorest, most destitute countries in the western hemisphere. Atlanta and Philadelphia are in the top five of the poorest major cities in the United States while Atlanta is also the home to more refugees than any other US city. And lastly, Mexico City and Mazatlan suffer with pockets of desperate poverty and are too often lost in religion with no connection to a relationship with Jesus.

For more information on a particular global effort, the “positions” tab can direct you to the appropriate country. You can also keep up to speed with what’s going on by checking out the stories of our missions teams and partners at the Give It Away Blog

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