Start Date: 01/17/2021
End Date: 1/31/2021
Meets On: Sundays at 9AM
Location: Ghent RD Classroom B and C

What to Expect:
What do we do when we suddenly find ourselves in a place that we never expected to be: Single Again? The loss of a spouse or the end of a relationship hurts. And how do we deal with the deep ache in our heart? Our instinct is to avoid it, often at any cost. But what if we learn healthy ways to confront our pain? What if instead of running from it, masking it, or ignoring it, we face it together? The goal of Single Again is to give women permission to acknowledge and work through their emotions, validating them while also applying the truth of God’s word. Come join this supportive community for a mini 3-week group during which we will make connections and develop lasting friendships.