On the third weekend of each month, we set aside time to GO + DO together. There is such a great need in our community and we have the resources to help with those needs. We can be the bridge that helps a parent keep their job, an individual have safe, reliable transportation, relieve the burden of yardwork for a widow, or finish tasks for an organization that enables them to further their ministry. We want to connect with others and our communities by meeting these tangible needs.  Each month we will have new ways to serve. Simply choose the project you would like to help with and click on the button to let us know you are coming!

If you know of someone who has a need and could use a team of people to help, please email Sarah Yajko at

September Project



We are not hosting a traditional GO+DO Project in the month of September. Rather, we are asking you to RESPOND to the needs of the Akron community with so many students not able to attend school. These students are ones whose parents possibly do not have any options other than to leave them home during the day to go to work. Our goal is to provide a loving adult presence for these students when they otherwise might be alone!

Our city partners are rallying around these students to offer not only their regular programming but several of them are offering additional times to support and tutor students. There are time slots available Monday-Friday, morning, afternoon, and evening as well as all day slots.

You can find all the options to support our partners in their work by clicking the “Sign Up Here” button below.



If you are interested in helping with future GO+DO Weekends, but are unavailable this month, please let us know! We will update you we have information on our next round of projects.