8/1/2020          Titus 3:3-9                    Saved Through Jesus

8/2/2020          Mark 5:24-34                Jesus Heals the Sick Woman

8/3/2020          Deut 10:17-22               Command To Be Kind To The Least Among Us

8/4/2020          John 4:7-26                   Jesus is Gracious to the Woman at the Well

8/5/2020          John 8:1-11                   Jesus is Gracious to a Woman Caught in Adultery

8/6/2020          Luke 7:36-50                 Jesus is Gracious to a Sinful Woman

8/7/2020          Romans 5:6-11              Jesus Comes To Us While We’re Unclean

8/8/2020          I John 1:5-10                 Jesus Saves Us From Our Sin